The Perfect Bridal Shower Venue

August 27, 2019By Amy Mitchellengland-tea

A Bridal shower is the first big event that sets the tone for a wedding. Finding the perfect
venue can be stressful. Private homes, restaurants, halls, and even outdoor parks can all
be great options, but there are things to consider first:

Is the bride traditional or modern?
This matters because bridal showers are traditionally a girls-only gathering. However,
some modern brides opt for their significant other to be involved as well.

Will the event be casual or dressy?
The shower should match the overall aesthetic of the wedding. If the wedding is formal, a
nicely decorated hall may be a better choice than a backyard barbecue. The more casual
the wedding, the more acceptable a dressed-down shower becomes.

How many guests will attend?
This is the stressful part. Many bridal showers take place inside someone’s private
residence. This is a great option for a small party. Larger crowds should opt for an event
hall or restaurant. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Many neighborhoods have community
centers available to rent for a small fee to homeowners. Also, bigger venues often have
weekday rates or lower rates during the slow season, so call around. For a truly budget
option, look into renting a picnic facility at a park. This can be especially fun for casual, coed,
adventurous couples.

Regardless of what you choose, hiring an event planner or tea hostess like Houses of
Windsor can take some of the pressure off the host/hostess. Houses of Windsor is
basically an event in a box that takes care of all of the food, beverage, entertainment, and
cleanup. This way the host/hostess can spend time mingling with guests rather than
worrying about dirty dishes and whether everyone has had a chance to eat.


The Perfect Bridal Venue  Photo by Robert Mathews on Unsplash


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