How to drink your English Breakfast Tea, according to Lady Amy

November 1, 2021By Amy Mitchellengland-tea

How to drink English Breakfast tea? If you want to drink it properly like a Brit, you’ll need to add milk and sugar. End of Story. Well, maybe there’s just a bit more to say on it…

A common mistake I find that Americans make is just using what’s nearby for coffee….the creamer! Coffee creamer does not belong in tea. Even if you’re in a pinch, it just won’t taste right. Traditionally, the sugar used would be refined white table sugar. I myself use Truvia, one of those calorie-free natural sweeteners “they” say to use. Some other classic sweeteners often leave a weird aftertaste. You can tell it’s not sugar.

Putting tradition and British properness aside, find your own way you like to drink. I know many people, often men actually, who love to drink it straight black. If you’re not wanting it so strong, try adding a little milk. It helps soften the bold flavour. Or you can by like me and only add sugar/sweetener.

It’s a bit of a silly reason why I do not add milk…it comes down to convenience. I do prefer milk and sugar, and I find regular almond milk works well. So why do I rarely use it? In my mind, it doesn’t seem worth getting the whole gallon jug out of the fridge for a few splashes of milk each time. The sugar/sweetener can sit over at my desk easily and conveniently. So there you have it, my confession of bizarre laziness. So you do you 🙂

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