Hostess Hacks for an Elegant, Budget Friendly Holiday Dinner…

January 7, 2020By Amy Mitchellevents

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to dust off the fine china, cook an elaborate meal, and really wow your friends and family with your incredible hostess skills. But is isn’t cheap! The average Thanksgiving Dinner is expected to cost $186.05 this year. That figure comes from an annual survey conducted by LendEDU. There’s not much you can do about the cost of turkey, but there are some simple ways to save money on your holiday gathering while making it look elegant and elaborate.

  • Shop Thrift Stores for Nice Décor. You’d be surprised what you can find!
  • Mix instead of match – glasses, dishes, utensils, serving dishes. It’s more fun to have an eclectic mix and usually more cost effective.
  • Have one or two speciality cocktail(s) to serve rather than stocking a bar full of liquor and mixers.


From The Tea Times: The Latest News from Houses of Windsor – November 2019

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