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After moving to the United States, I have been missing afternoon teas quite a lot. That is why there is no surprise I have been finding ways to satisfy that craving for it. I encountered a British monthly subscription box from the Hype Experiences and thought of giving it a go. Here we have Houses of Windsor’s Tea Time Traveller Tin. Thank you Hype Experiences for arranging this box for me. The goal of the subscription box is to bring British royalty to the comforts of my home. I was enthralled when I was doing my unboxing because of the well thought out details of the package. The small jam in a glass container was carefully wrapped in paper so it would not break upon delivery. There was a fake British Pound with Queen Elizabeth on the note further aligning the contents of the package with the British Royalty vibe. I also loved the personalised handwritten card that came with it. I do however wish that this brand had its own branded box. I received a plain brown box with no branding. Although on the brighter side, packaging it that way made it more environment-friendly.

The contents of the box were the following-small bag of Vanilla Chai Black Tea with a silver spoon carefully packaged together, Strawberry Green Tea Bag (mystery sample tea bag), Chocolate Mallows, a handwritten card, Bonne Mamam Strawberry Preserve, paper loose tea filters, fake British Pound note and a note of what the box includes. Upon checking the website, the subscription box costs $29.95-$34.95 USD, in my opinion, is the right price for the contents.

What I love most about this month’s box is the Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes. A company established in 1890 and is still a family business. The marshmallow in the centre is just divine, pillowy in texture, not too sweet and the biscuit at the bottom balanced the snack’s flavour profile. The only downside to this treat is the chocolate exterior, as it does not stand a chance in the 98-degree heat in Nebraska. I suggest including this snack during the colder months of the year instead. Out of the 2 flavoured teas I tried, I liked the Vanilla Chai Black Tea better than the Strawberry Green Tea. The vanilla mellowed the harsher spicy notes that are normally what makes up the chai tea that we know.

“The best place I can get the tastes of home without having to travel so far. I sometimes wonder if Amy has royal blood somewhere in her heritage as she is seem more British than some of my British friends.”

– Trevor

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“Amy rocks! As an Englishman, when someone asks me over for tea, I have pretty high expectations when it comes to a decent teatime. Amy really delivers when it comes to hosting a tea party, making everyone feel welcome, bringing people together with great food and company.”

– Piers


“I am lucky enough to call Amy a friend, but I’ve also been able to attend tea parties she’s hosted. Her passion for all things English/tea related is infectious and amusing. Who needs their own collection when you can enjoy hers (and great company)!”

– Jordan

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