Co-Ed Baby Shower Tea Parties

January 7, 2020By Amy Mitchellbridal-tips

Teatime here in the States has a reputation of being a girly event. Women and girls dress in flowery skirts and fancy hats. The bite size food is delicate. Ladies gossip and swap stories. But in the U.K., everyone attends afternoon tea and there’s no reason men can’t attend a tea party here stateside too. In fact, because tea is so light and inviting, it is a perfect option for hosting a co-ed baby shower.

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What to wear:

Ladies know what to wear to a tea party, but men may feel a little lost. The attire can be either semi-formal or smart casual. It is appropriate for a man to wear a sharp suit with a brightly colored shirt or tie. Try to avoid black if at all possible.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Games:

1.) Dec-a-Cake: Everyone gets to decorate a cupcake, not knowing one of the cakes secretly has a miniature plastic baby in it. The couple that finds the baby is next in line to have their own!
2.) Baby Sketch Artists: Every guest gets a paper plate and marker to draw a picture of the baby. The parents-to-be pick the best sketch to win. But there’s a catch: guests draw the baby while holding the paper plate on his or her head!
3.) Don’t say Baby: I know, I know. This one is a classic. But it is great for tea party showers because everyone tends to socialize, which means there are a lot of slip ups!
Think this all sounds fun, but don’t want to do it yourself? Houses of Windsor not only provides afternoon tea service for baby and bridal showers, but we’ll provide the games too! Just tell us what your group is into and we’ll make it happen.


From The Tea Times: The Latest News from Houses of Windsor – December 2019

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