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Teas of the World: Popularity Contest

Tea, glorious tea. It’s the world’s favourite/ favorite drink after water, representing a $10 billion industry in the US and $38.8 billion industry worldwide. With popularity comes competition. And there is much debate about which is the most popular tea in the world. According to, these are the top 5 most popular teas in the…

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Learning About Green Tea With Lady Amy

Lady Amy reading book

Would you like to learn more about Green Tea? Here are my views! For an awfully long time, I avoided green teas. I was all about the black teas. Green tea is not “Super British”. Nancy Rodriguez, of Cup & Crown, and Lady Amy, of Houses of Windsor, joined tea lady forces once a month…

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English Breakfast Tea vs. Irish Breakfast Tea

England Watercolour

Shall we take a look at English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast teas? First, allow me to share how I personally think of them and drink them. In my opinion, English Breakfast is a good regularly bold black tea for everyday drinking. I find Irish Breakfast bolder and higher in caffeine which I drink to prepare…

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Types of English Tea

When it comes to types of English Tea, you may be surprised to know that all tea is imported into the United Kingdom. There are over a dozen countries which export types of tea.  Just to mention a few are China, Japan, Taiwan, Kenya, India, and even the United States (I was surprised to learn…

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A Rave Review for Houses of Windsor by Blogger @cutebrainpants

Tea-Time Traveler Tin

I received the Houses of Windsor LLC’s September Tea-Time Traveller Tin. When I opened the box, I was surprised to find a hand-written note! The kit came with two types of teas, jam, tea cakes, teaspoon, and several paper loose tea filters.  I thought this was the perfect ouch. Amy (the person who packed my shipment)…

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