Co-Ed Baby Shower Tea Parties

January 7, 2020By Amy MitchellBridal Tips

Teatime here in the States has a reputation of being a girly event. Women and girls dress in flowery skirts and fancy hats. The bite size food is delicate. Ladies gossip and swap stories. But in the U.K., everyone attends afternoon tea and there’s no reason men can’t attend a tea party here stateside too. […]

The Most Stressful Time of Year

January 7, 2020By Amy MitchellBridal Tips

Thanksgiving is a day to remember what you’re thankful for, enjoy time with family, and try your best to not to pull your hair out over the thought of all of the events, festivities, and projects you’ve committed yourself to over the next month. Sometimes being #blessed actually feels more like #stressed. The stress and […]

Speaking of Gifts…

January 7, 2020By Amy MitchellBridal Tips

Have you been to the Houses of Windsor website lately? We launched our own tea-tastic gift shoppe! Support local business by shopping The Windsor Gift Shoppe. From tea cups and saucers to Amy’s favourite loose leaf blends, we have products available online. Head over to to check out our collection.         […]

Crumpets on the Calendar:

October 18, 2019By Amy MitchellEvents

Fall is a busy season for Houses of Windsor. Be sure to join us at the following events: Monarch Jewelry Cocktail Hour – Amy trades her garden party attire for a cocktail dress. Join Houses of Windsor to sip, snack, and shop at Monarch Jewelry’s after-hours event September 19th, 6-9PM. 1860 State Road 436, Winter […]

Etiquette Tip of the Month: Small Bites

October 18, 2019By Amy MitchellEngland Tea

Etiquette Tip: When eating at a tea party, take small bites and enjoy the conversation. I know, it can be difficult when we’re used to eating larger portions. Do not dunk any food into your tea cup.     From The Tea Times: The Latest News from Houses of Windsor- September 2019

Venue Spotlight: Howey Mansion

Venue Spotlight: Nestled a few miles outside of Orlando in the small Lake County town of Howey-In-The-Hills is a beautiful mansion dripping with Central Florida history. The Howey Mansion is a gorgeous Mediterranean Revival-style home built in the 1920s. From the elaborate doorways to the rustic wooden beamed ceilings inside, you can tell the property […]

Registry Trends: Online Wins in Florida

Fewer engaged Florida couples are spending an afternoon walking around a department store with a registry scanner carefully selecting china, crystal, and novelty appliances together. Nowadays, most wedding registry shopping is done online. A recent study conducted by the wedding planning website, Joy, finds is the most popular wedding registry location in the U.S. […]

The Perfect Bridal Shower Venue

August 27, 2019By Amy MitchellEngland Tea

A Bridal shower is the first big event that sets the tone for a wedding. Finding the perfect venue can be stressful. Private homes, restaurants, halls, and even outdoor parks can all be great options, but there are things to consider first: Is the bride traditional or modern? This matters because bridal showers are traditionally […]

Etiquette Tip of the Month: Pinky Up or Down?

August 27, 2019By Amy MitchellEngland Tea

Etiquette Tip of the Month: Pinky Up or Down? “Pinky up” is a common faux pas of Afternoon Tea. We’ve heard a few different theories on where that tradition comes from, but regardless of its origin, you do not need to drink tea that way. Believe it or not, if you are having tea with the […]

Help, I’m Melting!

THE TEA TIMES – July 2019 – The latest news from Houses of Windsor LLC Photo by cindy baffour on unsplash Help, I’m Melting! Florida’s heat and humidity can put an unwelcome twist to the term, “blushing bride.” One step outside in July and August can leave you feeling like you’re swimming in the air. Nobody wants […]