My Story

My Story

Imagine yourself as a 14-year-old girl – it’s an impressionable age for anyone – boy bands, trendy fashions, and pop star celebrities reign supreme.

At this age, Amy was your typical American ‘90s teenager. She could recite every lyric to Hanson’s “MmmBop” and tell you pretty much anything you could possibly want to know about Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.

But Amy got to experience something most American teenagers do not. She traveled half-way across the world without her parents for a cultural experience that changed her life forever. She saw gorgeous scenery, learned a lot about history, made a life-long best friend, and fell in love with a Prince!

Hmmm let's have some fun by describing myself only using hashtags... #BossMum #LadyAmy #TeaLady #Anglophile #IndianaBorn #Floridian #ChristmasNut #Fanson #Connector #ToBeContinued

More accurately, my whys...My first why is named Piper. She is my delightful and hilarious (I'm pushing for a future in comedy lol) daughter. Houses of Windsor was born just 3 months after Piper. Before her I'd never dreamt of being a business owner or entrepreneur. Just 3 short months into her life, I knew I didn't want my life to revolve a strict office schedule.

I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility of being my own boss so I can be with her as much as possible. My hope is that she grows up understanding that she can do anything she wants and be an independent female...that may sound kind of generic, but this runs deep for me, so I really really want this for her. How to do this? Leading by example. Simply do what you want. I'm obsessed with British culture and tea time, and love sharing it with others, so let's get creative and figure out how that looks as a business. Long story short (too late), Houses of Windsor was born for Piper and for my own happiness and self-fulfillment.

What We're All About


Connecting Over Passions

``` From my very first experience with a British tea time, I have valued the lively conversations between friends old and new which can only be created by British tea time. I cherish the truly unique, genuine human connection that tea time brings. ``` Clearly, British tea time is one of my passions, and I love connecting with those who share the same passion, as well as, I love learning about other people's passions who are different from my own.


Having Proper Fun

I've always been attracted to the pomp and circumstance of the British tradition. And I love laughing, being playful, and having fun...doesn't sound super British, huh? In creating Houses of Windsor, I decided fun and tradition do not have to be mutually exclusive. So while we deeply honour the Queen and the whole of the British Monarchy, we also love having fun with it, creating an environment of a welcoming unintimidating place to enjoy and explore the world of British tea time.


Spreading Light and Joy

As Lady Amy with Houses of Windsor, I'm on a mission to spread light & joy as far as possible. By all means necessary, through face-to-face interaction, Zoom, phone, or sending tea orders, and more. There is enough dread, sadness, and negativity in the world. Without dismissing the validity of that part of the world, I seek to at the very least help balance people's lives out with putting good into the world.


Musician, tea-timer, and friend, Sean Michael Drake so graciously used his talent and creativity to compose a special theme song just for Houses of Windsor. Have a listen and get in the mood for British tea and having proper fun. Check out more by Sean Michael Drake at


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