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The Perfect Bridal Shower Venue

A Bridal shower is the first big event that sets the tone for a wedding. Finding the perfect venue can be stressful. Private homes, restaurants, halls, and even outdoor parks can all be great options, but there are things to consider first: Is the bride traditional or modern? This matters because bridal showers are traditionally…

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Steeped in Style

A big thank you to Monarch Jewelry for the August 3rd event, Steeped in Style! Houses of Windsor had a splendid time hosting high tea to all the guests and employees of Monarch Jewelry. Check out their unique, gorgeous estate jewelry any time at their location on Semoran Blvd. in Winter Park and at…

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Blueberry Tea of the Month

August is one of those transitional periods. Kids head back to school making it feel like fall, but it is still wildly hot and humid outside. Blueberry tea is the perfect choice for August because it is a blend of two seasons. The fruitiness tastes delicious when served iced, but a hot cup of blueberry…

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Now Booking Social Hours

Now Booking Social Hours Central Florida is full of beautiful historic homes and parks. We welcome and respect the wonderful people who keep these locations thriving through preservation. Make your social hour special with Houses of Windsor. Enjoy an elegant full British Afternoon Tea Service with a delightful selection of teas, finger sandwiches, freshly baked…

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Etiquette Tip of the Month: Pinky Up or Down?

Etiquette Tip of the Month: Pinky Up or Down? “Pinky up” is a common faux pas of Afternoon Tea. We’ve heard a few different theories on where that tradition comes from, but regardless of its origin, you do not need to drink tea that way. Believe it or not, if you are having tea with the…

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Setting the Rumors Straight: The Queen Isn’t Going To Retire

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the Royal Family and whether Queen Elizabeth II should step down. At 93-years-old, she’s no spring chicken. She’s ruled longer than any other Monarch in British History, since 1952. Americans like to speculate what will happen when the Queen gets old and feeble. To put it simply, nothing.…

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