My Story

My Story

Imagine yourself as a 14-year-old girl – it’s an impressionable age for anyone – boy bands, trendy fashions, and pop star celebrities reign supreme.

At this age, Amy was your typical American ‘90s teenager. She could recite every lyric to Hanson’s “MmmBop” and tell you pretty much anything you could possibly want to know about Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.

But Amy got to experience something most American teenagers do not. She traveled half-way across the world without her parents for a cultural experience that changed her life forever. She saw gorgeous scenery, learned a lot about history, made a life-long best friend, and fell in love with a Prince!

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The Tea Times Blog

All topics tea and British explored and expressed in the brilliant words of Lady Amy.

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Musician, tea-timer, and friend, Sean Michael Drake so graciously used his talent and creativity to compose a special theme song just for Houses of Windsor. Have a listen and get in the mood for British tea and having proper fun. Check out more by Sean Michael Drake at


I received a beautiful gift from a friend from Houses of Windsor. I felt sooooo special. Wonderful teas and even a real teacup! Thank you Amy for making my day!

Joetta R.

“The best place I can get the tastes of home without having to travel so far. I sometimes wonder if Amy has royal blood somewhere in her heritage as she seems more British than some of my British friends.”

Trevor G.

I have purchased several varieties of tea from Houses of Windsor and Amy Mitchell and have been very impressed with the quality. These are not your grocery store teas. The flavor options are great and she also carries some uniquely British snacks as well. Highly recommend.

Bill S.