Posh and Powerful

Insurance brokers focused on helping families and small businesses, a woman who turned a vacant shopping mall space into a vibrant co-working atmosphere, a wellness advocate focused on keeping women healthy inside and out — these are some of the wonderful women who attended this month’s Couture Connections: A Posh Tea Event. The event, hosted by Amy Mitchell of Houses of Windsor, served up delicate pastries, scrumptious finger sandwiches, and tea while giving women in business a chance to network and unwind from their busy lives.

The room was decorated beautifully. Crisp white linens, eclectic tea cups, sugar, cream, and perfect place settings on every table gave the space a sense of elegance. Two young servers offered a variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated teas, served out of darling tea pots.  Tea isn’t all these women craved and the event provided them both respite from the tension of running a business, and a renewed sense of confidence.


When keynote speaker Claudia Abalo from White Dove Counseling stood up in front of the group she addressed some of the most common stressors that women in business face and gave advice on how to manage them. Three big takeaways being:

  • Put yourself or God above everything else.
  • We aren’t in a competition. Women should lift each other up instead of putting each other down.
  • Practice a variety of self-care. A bubble bath alone isn’t going to cut it.


As women, we often see ourselves as caretakers and nurturers. We tend to neglect our own needs which can slowly chip away at our confidence and sense of worthiness. But when we take care of ourselves, we thrive in business and in life.



From The Tea Times: The Latest News from Houses of Windsor- October 2019