Help, I’m Melting!

THE TEA TIMES – July 2019 – The latest news from Houses of Windsor LLC

Photo by cindy baffour on unsplash

Help, Im Melting!

Florida’s heat and humidity can put an unwelcome twist to the term, “blushing bride.” One step outside in July and August can leave you feeling like you’re swimming in the air. Nobody wants to attend a wedding with a red, blotchy, sweaty face – especially not the bride! No worries. We spoke with local makeup artist Denise Owen of Denise Marie Beauty (@denisemariebeauty) about how to keep your bridal makeup on point in the summer sun:

Step 1: Proper Skin Prep – Use a hydrating toner and serums or moisturizers with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin. Dehydrated skin produces more oil, oil dissolves makeup, which isn’t good for your wedding day look.

Step 2: Moisture Barrier – If your face sweats, (which it will do during the summer in Florida), you’ll want to apply a moisture barrier. This type of product prevents sweat from dripping down your face and destroying your makeup. We like Alcone’s Stop The Sweat, $9 for a 1 oz. bottle on

Step 3: Apply makeup in thin layers – Less is more in Florida heat. Cake is for the wedding reception, not your face.

Step 4: A perfect finish – Use a setting powder and a setting spray to keep your makeup from moving after application. We like Urban Decay’s All Nighter, $33 on

Step 5: Dab it– Remember to dab any sweat, oil, tears, etc. from your face. Do not wipe!